Saturday, August 11, 2012

Handmade items and a new outlook on life

So, I know I'm a terrible blogger. July was just a super crazy month. I worked through the month and was able to get my Etsy shop up and running! You can also just search for Firefly Natural in the search bar, just be sure to select search  shops when it appears below. :)

Here are a couple products I uploaded to my shop.


I'm excited to get that up and going. Hopefully I'll be able to eventually make it full time. :)

Other new things in my life, the hubby and I have decided to try simplifying our life. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from this new blog: the year of less. We are starting with a couple big changes and a big clean and sort of each room and we'll see where that takes us.

So far our big changes have been:
-to give up our microwave. ( we will be putting it in storage until the hubby sees that we really can live with out it)
-as we use up all of our chemical laden cleaning supplies, I will be switching us to non-toxic homemade versions
-I am trying to use our dryer less, to reduce our energy used and the heat output in the summer
-we are also reducing our paper towel usage (I would go completely cold turkey, but the hubby hasn't gotten to using cloth to clean up gross stuff yet)

So far we've been doing really well. I've already swapped our dish soap and oven cleaner with good success and glass cleaner is next. I will post my successes (and failures) here as we go.

I encourage everyone to look around and see if there are things you could simplify for yourself and the environment. :)

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