Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Check-in

I've decided on Fridays I'm going to start doing a weekly wrap-up and check-in to help keep myself accountable and to give myself a place to talk about random things that happened during the week that don't necessarily need their own post.

This week I started strong on Wednesday getting a blog up and then working on my novel in the evening. I was able to write another 150 words. Something surprising I found was that I slept a lot better than I had in a while after spending the last part of my evening writing instead of watching television, which is something I may have to think about more.

Thursday I slacked off a little because my inlaws came into town and we spent both my lunch hour and then the entire evening with them. After getting up and going into work early yesterday, I just didn't have it in me to work on either when we got home last night. I still followed through this morning though, so I'll forgive myself for missing day 2. :)

Today the hubby and I are heading downtown to hang with the inlaws so I'm getting my post and writing done this morning. Hope everyone enjoys their day.

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