Monday, February 18, 2013

Some more weekend cleaning and finally some writing!

The hubby and I spent another weekend cleaning. This time working on clearing out our office. Several bags of garbage and donations later and we can finally walk around in the office again. It feels good to have that space clean, and to have a desk I can work at again. I always forget how HUGE my desk is (although based on the amount of crap I can pile on my desk I really shouldn't...).

It's helped me to pick up my notebook again to start working on A Dark Night (working title). I wasn't quite ready to face the computer yet and the 1500 words I had some how lost. Luckily, because I've always preferred handwriting to typing things, when I went to start writing for the next chapter, I found that I had handwritten most of the last scene that I had lost! It feels amazing to have that back, and not have to start from scratch. I was able to get some time last night to go in and retype that scene in the end of the first chapter so I can officially move on to the second chapter without that nagging at the back of my mind.

Hopefully that will also give me the confidence to start working in Scrivner. So far all I've done is upload my first and second chapter documents. The program was a little overwhelming when I first opened it with all the stuff you can do, and because during the uploading process is when I found the 1500 words missing. Now that that is resolved though, I should be able to move forward, and start posting word counts again.

So to start that off, as of this morning I have 4,903 words. :)

How was your weekend?

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