Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Monday

Because I now have the Mamas and the Papas stuck in my head...

Sorry for the late post. How was your weekend everyone?

Mine was pretty busy. Friday night was girl's night out and I went to dinner and a movie with my mom and aunt. We went to dinner at Red Robin, so all was well and yummy. We were enjoying our time and conversation. We had decided that we were going to see Les Mis that evening, being that we're French and none of us have ever seen it before, this obviously needed to be rectified. I was check my clock before the first hour was up, not believing that not only did I still have another hour and a half of movie to watch, but that I was not enjoying it. AT. ALL. I kept thinking that Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music, and Annie had not properly prepared me for a full 2 and half hours of straight singing. I am apparently not a musicals person. I kept feeling bad thinking that my mom and aunt were sitting there next to me enjoying the movie, while I was painstakingly counting down the minutes until it was over. As we were walking out, someone piped up to ask how we thought it was- and surprisingly we all hated it. It was too much singing, as in all the lines were sung, not just songs sung throughout between the spoken dialogue. And frankly if you don't know what the story is about going in, it's depressing. The best part though, I got to watch it again not 24 hours later....

So Saturday was my MIL's birthday. We went out to lunch, and then my SIL's present to my MIL was to buy her ticket to see Les Mis. I, unfortunately, had already said that I would go see it with them, and I have a weird compulsion that I HAVE to follow through on plans I make unless the other person changes them. So off I went to sit through this movie AGAIN only 16 hours later... And I have to say, it was better the second time around. I knew what to expect as far as the singing and the length. I also didn't feel bad about drinking my whole water and getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle, because I already knew what would happen. My MIL and SIL liked it significantly better than the rest of us, to each their own. They did agree with me though that it was a lot of singing, and a little awkward that not just the songs, but the lines were sung as well. We went to dinner afterwards, and then over to the in laws  to play Bang- which if you haven't played, I highly recommend it.

Have you seen any good movies lately? What did you think of Les Mis?

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