Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book Reviews Part 2

So I cleaned out my book shelf a couple weeks ago to prepare for my year of reading. The hubby and I are also just finishing our "no buy" month to help stop the flow of stuff into our apartment. This left me with very few book choices to get me through this month, so I dug through and found a couple books that I had bought because they looked interesting and then promptly never read.

The first was the first book in the Morganville Vampire series called Glass Houses by Rachel Caine.

I didn't realize until I actually read the front cover of this book (probably actually the reason I bought it, who knows it was so long ago) that I have actually read the Weather Warden Series by this same author. Anyways on to this book. After struggling through Maine, all I wanted was a super short book I could just power through in a couple days. This definitely delivered. It was quick with just enough detail to keep me going. It is a teen book with vampires and ghosts, not really in the Twilight vein, which I liked. It's about "normal" teens living through normal things like bullies and work and college, with a little supernatural and some plot twists thrown in. I haven't decided yet if I liked it enough to read the next one, but it was so quick and easy, I will probably come back to this series later in the year when I need something quick to catch up, or unwind from book hangover.

The other book I finished last week was The Hollow from Hollow Trilogy by Jessica Verday.
I was renewed after my quick read of Glass Houses, so I moved on to another teen supernatural book (are you noticing a pattern in my reading habits? If not you will soon :) ) that was on my shelf, but had never actually been read. It was also a surprisingly quick read even though it has nearly double the number of pages. This book uses the Sleepy Hollow legend, which was new and refreshing for me. I enjoyed this book until the end. I haven't decided yet if I'm ok with where she is taking the story, but again I'm sure I'll circle back to the second book later this year when I need something fast to read.

Have you read either of these books, or do you struggle with book hangovers?

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