Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

Sorry the post is kind of late today. It's Friday, and another weekly wrap up. This week felt like a short week because of the holiday, which is always nice. I was obviously good and kept on top of my blogging. For now I'm planning on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule, but we'll see how that goes over time.

My noveling was a different story. I worked earlier in the week to upload my Word documents into Scrivner, the writing program the hubby got me for Christmas. As I was uploading though I realized that I had lost 1,000 words from my first chapter. I looked through all my files on all the computers I write on and even looked through the recovery, and couldn't find it anywhere. I was a little disheartened and stressed, so I've been avoiding writing this week, but I'm trying to see the silver lining in that the last scene of that chapter was pretty rough and awkward and was going to need to be rewritten anyways; I just wasn't planning on rewriting it from scratch.

On a more positive note, I will leave you with this story that is probably only funny to me:

Before New Year's Eve, I had stopped at our local specialty beer store on the way home to pick up some fancy alcoholic cider as I much prefer that to beer and most champagne. The hubby called me and asked where I was, as he was getting ready to head out for the evening. I replied that I was at the specialty beer store, and he asked why. I was literally dumbfounded and the first thought that came to mind was "because this is where they keep the alcohol." :)

Did you do anything fun and/or productive this week? I hope you all have a wonderful first weekend of 2013!

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